Family Game Night—Still a Winner!


Asking your kids a question is often a losing proposition—it’s not a win-win solution when you get the blank black hole type of communication like “nothing”, I don’t remember”. No matter how cool you try to attempt to connect with your kids and  the rest of the  family it may not be working as well as you’d like…but, there’s an antidote. Games, the word today usually means gadgets, gizmos…or gambling—but you don’t have to be a grandpa or a grandma to rediscover the lure and love for family game night—or start making every other Friday night board game night. Even if it’s between the dog walking and the online social networking! But if you think classic board games are classic bore games, or that board games for Continue reading

Fun Family Games with Songs and Lyrics


There isn’t a better way to spend quality time with your friends and family than by playing board games with them. It’s said that games often bring out the best in us, as we forget our everyday self and our true selves come out in the spirit of play. So, if you want to know more about your child’s personality, rather than sitting down with them and asking probing questions, get out a board game, and watch as they reveal all. Board games are much more useful than video games, and watching movies do not offer the mental stimulation that board games offer. With board games, there’s an instant friendship that’s formed between the players and they are great icebreakers at any family get-together. Continue reading

Family Game – The Perfect Game for Any Family or Group Get-Together


Are you planning a family game night or looking for a fun family activity idea? Have you played each of the family board games one too many times and need something different and new? Perhaps you are planning a party or get-together with some neighbors or friends? No matter what the occasion, ages of thoseplaying, or dynamics of your family or group – play this fun game for your next game night or get-together!  Continue reading

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